Register Well HM tongue and groove

We have several models of HM register well tongue and groove with prefabricated concrete. Here you can see them and if you are interested or have any doubt, contact us.

Symmetrical Cone

Ø 100/60

Ø 120/60 H-80 CM

Asymmetric Cone

Pozos De Registro Prefabricados La Morena

Ø 100/60
H-75 CM

Ø 120/60
H-100 CM

Measures of Register Well

Union Tongue and Groove | Thickness 8 CM | Ø 100

Measures (CM)weight (KG)
RIM Ø 100 H-50CM292
RIM Ø 100 H-100CM645
CONE Ø 100/60 H-75CM Asymmetric413
CONE Ø 100/60 H-80CM Symmetrical434
CONE Ø 100/60 H-130CM SYmmetrical732

Union Tongue and Groove | Thickness 9 CM | Ø 120

Measures (CM)weight (KG)
RIM Ø 120 H-50CM430
RIM Ø 120 H-100CM800
CONE Ø 120/60 H-80CM Symmetrical500
CONE Ø 120/60 H-100CM Asymetrical658