Register Well HM & HA with Elastic Seal

We have several models of HM register well with prefabricated concrete elastic joint. Here you can see them and if you are interested or have any doubt, contact us.

*All wells have a Ø 120/60 Thickness 16CM

Asymmetric Cone

H-60 CM

H-90 CM

H-120 CM

H-145 CM

Bases for wells

Base de Pozo

ARO Ø 120 H-25-50-100 CM

Measures of register wells

Elastic Seals Union | Thickness 16 CM | Ø 120

Measures (CM)weight (KG)
RIM Ø 120 H-25CM400
RIM Ø 120 H-50CM800
RIM Ø 120 H-100CM1600
CONE Ø 120/60 H-60CM Assymetric900
CONE Ø 120/60 H-90CM Assymetric1480
CONE Ø 120/60 H-120CM Assymetric1960
CONE Ø 120/60 H-145CM Assymetric2440

Base for Well | Thickness 16 CM | Ø 120

Measures (CM)weight (KG)

Drills: Ø 345  | Ø 430 | Ø 525